La Familia

Mezcalosfera is a pet project that is derived from Mezcaloteca A.C, which aims to certify micro-batch mezcal productions that achieve the characteristics of being a Mezcal Tradicional. The goal of Mezcalosfera is to introduce consumers to the biodiversity, the cultural and historical aspects, and the gastronomy that envelopes the Mezcales in every one of their distinct points of origin. When we say micro-batch we are talking 200 liters or less.

Distilled in clay-pots in Santa Catarina Minas since 1898. Mezcal Real Minero, represents a family tradition of commitment and dedication to producing some of the finest handcrafted small batch mezcal in Mexico. The very strict quality control measures that are in place guarantee the amazing quality of these mezcales.

With over 70 years experience, Rey Campero represents the culture, tradition, and art of Candelaria Yegolé, a small village in the Sierra Sur, along the Rio Quiechapa, where the soil is fertile and home to more than seven species of agave growing wild along the slopes and canyons.

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